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Plant projection equipments

Fertilizer spreader

Tractor PTO operated Implement attached with 3 point linkage of the tractor Hydraulic_ Fertilizers in the form of powder,granules can be used. The flow quantity can be regulated by a mechanical regulator on the Implement. It will cover about 5-6 hectares in a day. The Throw will be about 12-15 ft on each side. The operating cost will be minimum, with higher area coverage,and uniform Distribution.


Bird scarer

It is a plant protection equipment to scare the animals, birds from damaging the crops. This is operated by butane or normal LPG which will produce a noise of about 80 decibal. NO SMOKE (OR) NO FIRE,ONLY SOUND will save the precious crops damage from the birds/animals.


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We are committed to produce the best quality agro forestry equipment in the possible shortest time with the vision of passing technological advancements to Indian Farmers, during the years to come.


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