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Post Harvest Equipments
Post Harvest Equipments

Ratoon Manager

Ratoon Manager is a tractor drawn implement mounted on a 3 point linkage driven by the PTO. This is a combination of Stubble Shaving, Off-baring and Harrowing. If required, fertilizer & pesticide applicator can also be provided as an optional. Ratoon Manager will be the best if the field preparation ( Ridges and Furrow ) is done with tractor and suitable for different row spacing. It shaves the stubbles evenly and the Off-baring helps to trim the roots. Harrowing promotes better aeration and water penetration to rejuvenate and induce the growth of the sugarcane.

Field before using ratoon manager Ratoon manager with tractor (in operation) Filed closer view after using Ratoon manager


Advantages of Round Baler

Tractor horse power required for round baler is less than square baler, so round baler is better than square baler in view of energy efficiency.
Round baler has simplified binding device.
Round baler has smaller turning radius. So operation of round baler is easier.
Tine pitch is shorter.

Advantages of each Model

Mounting method - 3 point linkage. So, attaching and detaching is easier.
Automatic bale forming.
Automatic chain lubrication.
Pick-up missing is less because of wide pick.
Bailing operation is speedy with rake-in drum.

Model RB-510W
Overall Length 1350 mm
Overall width 1730 mm
Overall height 1200 mm
Weight 480 kg
Required Tractor Power Above 40 HP
Mounting method Direct mount with 3 point linkage
PTO speed 540 rpm
Transmission system (Chain or Belt) Chain
Working width 1050 mm
Rake tine 7 pcs x 4 rows
Rake speed 135 rpm
Baling system (Twine or Net) Twine (single)
Bale dimension Dia 50 cm x 105 cm
Approximate weight of bale 30 kg. (Approx) (Moisture rate50%)
Twine required 10-12m Per bale (Choice of Pulley)
Bale ejection By lever operation

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